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I’ve now imported all current and former paying members of the Babb Family Association (dating back to 2001) into

If you’ve ever joined the Association you should have an email in your inbox now. If you don’t see it, please double check your Junk mail folder for the message. If you still are unable to locate it, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this message.

Going forward all memberships will be managed through the website and you can renew/join online and instantly gain access.

Current Members
Your Membership has been updated with your proper expiration date. So, no need to worry about that. The website will remind you when it is time to renew.

Former Members
There are a number of people that we have lost touch with along the way and their memberships have expired. I’ve given everyone a 30-day Free Trial so they can check it out and see the progress we have made. We hope you will consider re-activating your membership at the end of the trial period.

Never been a member?
We would love to have you join the Babb Family Association and are offering a 30-day Free Trial. All you need to do to claim this trial is to register your email address here:

Then check your email for an invitation.

Why join?
Our paying members are the lifeblood of this project and your membership fee goes towards the myriad of programs we offer, such as the Babb Preservation Fund that oversees the restoration of the 1787 Seth Babb Homestead and preservation of Jean A. Sargent and Ian Henry Babb’s collected papers (aka the Babb Collection) and other similar works.

You will also gain access to the full history of our newsletter, the News and Notes.

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