3921 “new” Babbs!

Thanks to the work of a very determined member we have added 3921 new Babb descendants to the English Babb lines. Almost have of those are in the Somerset lineage and together they connect the existing tree to modern day. The disconnect was a result of the English system of not releasing Census records for 100 years (In the US it’s 72 years). Cynthia Babb has extensively leveraged alternative resources to link the existing tree which often ended in 1911 with modern day. She graciously lent her findings to the Babb Family Association to be included in the Master Tree.

The effect of this addition cannot be underestimated. She has spent many years pulling together this information which will allow an untold number of Babbs in England to connect to their roots. As they do this they will encounter the Babb Family Association and become available for DNA Testing.

This approach has already proven valuable in the US where we were able to leverage the work of Jean A. Sargent, my predecessor, to accurately predict to which lineage you belong. It has long been a goal of mine to be able to produce this same quality of prediction in the UK and the new info will save me an incredible amount of time in figuring out how new members connect. This in turn allows me to know which candidates are of particular interest to be tested. The addition will reap rewards for years to come.

In addition to all those “new” Babbs Cynthia has also provided approximately 5000 new source documents, which adds to the 10,000 I already had established. I’ll let that addition speak for itself as I’ve been doing this for 20 years. The files are online now and available for your review at: https://tinyurl.com/BabbTree


36 Days Until We Get to Stratford!

DNA ConferenceThe DNA test kit for our Stratford, England descendant has been nestled all snug in its container and shipped to the Lab for processing. The results are expected back on December 17th at the earliest.

Set the Countdown Clock to 36 Days and get ready because I believe that this test is going to FINALLY going to answer the question as to where one of the US Babb Lines descend from. But DNA has had many tricks up its sleeves in the past and I wouldn’t put it in the win column just yet.

But if my suspicions are confirmed this find is going to blow the roof off of more than 45 years of research (between me and my predecessor) to finally answer this basic question:

Where do we come from?

Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that we get a match!


Amazon Smile
While you are out doing your Christmas or other Holiday shopping remember that you can help the Babb Family Association while you shop on Amazon by starting your purchase at http://smile.amazon.com. On your first visit you will be asked to pick a Non-Profit to support. Just select the Babb Family Association. Then each time you shop they will make a donation to the BFA.


Will the Real Carolyn Babb please step forward

Carolyn Babb - Hill-Top News 11 Mar 1959 LaGrance, GAAn eagle-eyed member forwarded me this 1959 article that announces that Carolyn Babb will be heading the Student Christian Association (SCA). The article is valuable because it includes a picture of Carolyn, but unfortunately I don’t have a connection for her to properly place her in the tree. So, I’m throwing it out to the group to assist.

The article is from LaGrange, Georgia which is in Troup County. I do have a small group of Babbs in the county, but non by that name and city. My research is limited in the 20th century as most of the records are not yet publicly available.

The family in Troup County is that of John Mercer Babb (1-2-2-3-4-2-12).

The Full article is available here:

Carolyn Babb – Hill-Top News 11 Mar 1959 LaGrance, GA