Book Announcement: Vol 13: Babb Families of Devonshire

Volume 13 of the Babb Unabridged Series is now available! This installment is all about the many fold lines of Babbs in Devonshire. The book is available for sale using these links to Create Space and via AmazonVol 13 - Babb Families of Devonshire Cover3.

In this volume we begin to explore the lineages that are NOT yet associated with the 7 known Y-DNA lineages covered in my first 12 volumes. Devonshire (often referred to simply as Devon) hosts 3 of those 7 known DNA lineages and contains 30 other fragmented lines containing about 1000 individuals. If you are a Male Babb descendant of anyone in this book, please contact me so that I can work with you to find the connection and place you in the proper genetic tree.

All of the lines covered in this volume have their roots traced back into Devonshire. I will cover them in the numerical order first established by Ian Henry Babb.

There is what appears to be one more volume coming and its a monster! Stay tuned!


Other News:
It’s come to my attention that some joker is out there on Amazon trying to resell the first volume in this series for over $1200. While I’m glad they think it is so valuable, don’t be suckered in. The entire series is printed on-demand as people order them. So, there is never a need to purchase a copy on the secondary market. It should never be “out-of-print”. Also, I’ll sign your copy for free when I see you next.

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