The Babbs of Staffordshire, England

ian-henry-babbI have struggled so much with this seemingly endless collection of Jeffrey Babbs. No where else in England have I seen such a confusing array of similarly named people. I’ve done my best to make sense of it all and am very pleased to have finally completed canvassing Staffordshire County, which lies in the Midlands near the geographic center of England.

A curiosity is that one of these lines contains a member by the name of Sampson, which I’ve only ever seen in Phillip Babb’s line from the Isles of Shoals. That is far from conclusive evidence and we will be seeking DNA test candidates from these lines in order to understand how they fit in to the larger picture.

Ian Babb (pictured) outlined 6 lines of Babbs in Staffordshire, which account for over 800 people:

With the addition of these lineages I am not just half way through the total number of Pedigrees Ian provided through his research. However, we only have 2 counties left. Next up is the West Midlands, which is adjacent to Staffordshire and finally the great county of Devon, which is host to roughly 30 pedigrees. I have no idea what size of trees are in store for me, so keep your fingers crossed that it goes more smoothly than Staffordshire!


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  1. I’m looking into the family of Mary Babb who marred Thomas Bladon of Uttoxeter She was born c1786 but her father (proved by his will, she was his sole heir) was Thomas Babb born 1760 and died 1818 in Uttoxeter but he was buried in Gratwich. His second wife was Ellen Vernon, who he married in 1794 at Gratwich. She died 1806 in Uttoxeter. Thomas was an innkeeper in Uttoxeter. Any information on his first wife and thus Marys mother – was it Margaret Osborne?

    • Thank you for your message. I have some different dates for the people you mention, but believe the person in my tree that you are speaking about is Thomas Babb (born 03 Apr 1760) who married Margaret Osborn & Elizabeth (last name not known). He moved from Uttoxeter to Gratwich and has a daughter Mary who was born 16 Nov 1795 in Gratwich.

      I’ve uploaded a report for his family that should allow you to validate if we are speaking about the same person. I’d love to see a copy of the will you mention and any other documents you have regarding him or Mary. I don’t know much about her as you will see in the file.

      • Thanks for your reply. The will was proved in Lichfield and is available on Findmypast, however I have downloaded a copy. Thomas was an innkeeper from at least 1796 until his death in November 1818in Uttoxeter. He states Mary was his heir and he was buried at Gratwich as the Uttoxeter register states this and the Gratwich one ‘of Uttoxeter’. His second wife was Ellen Vernon of Uttoxeter married 1794 Gratwich. I can send more info via E mail

  2. Just checked my Gratwich Parish registers (available 1680-1900) from the Staffordshire Parish Register Society) and Thomas who was buried in 1839 was 73 making him born in 1765/6 not 1760 as per the pedigree. Also Thomas and Ellen married in Uttoxeter, in 1794, a John Babb being a witness. Mary married Thomas Bladon in 17 July 1806 St Martin Birmingham she died 11 March 1839 in Uttoxeter

  3. Further research has proved that the Thomas Babb 1760-18181 Uttoxeter married first Margaret Osborn by whom Mary who married Thomas Bladon was the only surviving child. He then moved to Uttoxeter and married Ellen Vernon. The Thomas Babb who died in 1839 was born in 1765/6

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