Solving the puzzle of the Babb Rosetta Stone

We have a new DNA sample at the lab processing as we speak. This time we looking to solve the question of whether there is a link between the Babb families of Eastern Virginia and those of North Carolina. This topic was recently featured in Volume 7 of the Babb Unabridged Series entitled “The Puzzling History of the Babb Families of North Carolina & Eastern Virginia” where I put forward the theory that these two families are related. The paper trail couldn’t be thinner, so DNA is needed to answer this age old question. There is a single document that tips us off about this connection, which I call the Babb Rosetta Stone. You can read more about the Babb Rosetta Stone at the link above.

A match for the North Carolina Babb family would mean that they are potentially able to trace their lineage back another couple of generations and a new narrative about their arrival in the US, prior to the American Revolution, could be formed. A match for the Eastern Virginia Babbs would show that this lineage didn’t die out, but thrived in a nearby community. Our current testee is from the never before tested branch of the Eastern Virginia Babbs. We have a couple of candidates from different sections of the North Carolina Babbs.

Of course, as we recently have seen with the testing in England, unpredictable things happen. I had put forth a theory that two families, living just 50 miles apart almost 400 years ago, were related. The DNA had a different story to tell as it may here.

So, a new waiting game begins. The results are due with the New Year, so keep your fingers crossed that I got this one right.


The DNA Sample Says…

You may recall a recent post of mine The DNA Waiting Game Begins where I mentioned that a Babb who was born in Devon, England had contacted me about doing a Y-DNA test.

As a reminder, we already have identified 5 distinct lineages of Babb’s in England; 3 of which came to America and the rest who still reside in England. This is the source of an upcoming Babb Unabridged book, tentatively titled “Made in England”, which will become volume 8 of the series. I plan to discuss all of these lines in detail in the book.

We knew one of 6 things would happen. The candidate would either match to one of the 5 known lineages, or establish a brand new one. We have long hoped to bridge “The Pond” through DNA and finally establish a link between the Babbs of the US and the Babbs of England. I dream that someday I’ll be able to predict which lineage someone belongs to the way I can in the US.

If there is anything I have learned over almost a decade of these tests is that I should expect the unexpected and this was no exception. In the end, the line did not match to any of the 5 known lineages. So, without further delay, let me introduce to you the 6th distinct lineage from the Babb families of England. The Babb family of Hatherleigh, in North Devon, England dates back to Edward Babb who was born in 1675 in this small town.

shepherdsDuring this period the town was deeply involved in the Wool Trade and as I work to assign a mascot to every lineage, I found it very fitting that this new one should be called The Shepherds of Hatherleigh.

Hatherleigh lies on the north side of Devon and is separated from Dartmouth by the Dartmoor National Park. More testing candidates are Hatherleigh Mapalways needed because we still look to find matches eventually. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming the newest (and one of the oldest) Babb Families in England, the Shepherd Babb Family of Hatherleigh!

Welcome to our family of Black Sheep.


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