Month: June 2015

William Carter Babb the “1%-er” (correcting the record)

While proofing my work for the upcoming book on the North Carolina Babb Family, I stumbled across a significant error that needed correction. You see, when first transcribing Jean A. Sargent’s Babb Families of America I used the 2nd Edition, which was the only one available to me at the time. I knew that there […]


Looking for Descendants of Lester Angelo Babb (2-1-8-2-10)

Are there any readers who are descendants of Lester Angelo Babb? After a thorough search of the descendants of Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT, it appears that Lester’s descendants may be the only people alive who can help us determine where Benjamin comes from. Most of Benjamin’s descendants who were fruitful and multiplied were females. […]