William Carter Babb the “1%-er” (correcting the record)

While proofing my work for the upcoming book on the North Carolina Babb Family, I stumbled across a significant error that needed correction. You see, when first transcribing Jean A. Sargent’s Babb Families of America I used the 2nd Edition, which was the only one available to me at the time. I knew that there were some “minor” corrections Jean made for the 3rd Edition, but she had said that 99% was intact. Yesterday, I stumbled across a “1%-er.” Not the kind that “Occupies Wall Street”, but the kind where Jean found and corrected a mistake.

I’ve always been amazed at the continuity of her work. She used no computers, no email, just typewritten letters and the US Mail. Yet, as I entered the data into a modern Genealogy program (Family Tree Maker), I was shocked at how few corrections were needed. As I went back and matched available records, the family units remained largely intact and for most, I have merely expanded the range of her work as I moved it towards modern day.

Yesterday, was an exception…..of sorts. William Carter Babb was listed in the 2nd Edition as (5-6-7-3-3) the son of Green B. Babb. Green’s lineage was itself initially confused with Greenberry and Greenbury Babb, who at first appeared to be the same person. Untangling this can be a mess, which is what happened to me yesterday.

Family Tree Maker was telling me that there was some connection to Phillip of the Isles of Shoals, which I know to be untrue. I had to follow the scent and clicking on each member of this branch of the family to find which had the closest connection. The trail ended at William Carter Babb. He had a second set of parents listed (Stephen Babb & Sarah Morrow) and it looked as though I had merged two people at some point, but I couldn’t be sure. Either way, Stephen isn’t his father, so this was just purely incorrect.

It is at these moments when I turn back to see what Jean had to say on the matter. Pulling the 3rd Edition first, I find William listed amongst the North Carolina Babbs but with a number that places his as a descendant of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals. There is a note from Jean that explains that she initially confused the two and had corrected her mistake. Because indexing back then was extremely tedious she reused the index from Volume two and only could make corrections that would fit on the same page as before.

The numbering system presents a special challenge here as normally, someone’s number, once assigned, always remains the same. Otherwise, people looking up things by number will no longer be able to locate that person in the tree. Plus source files have been named accordingly and it would be chaos trying to move them. But we just can’t leave him in the wrong tree, so something must be done.

I knew this day would come and had a plan in place to deal with it. William and all of his descendants now have two tree numbers. Their old number in the North Carolina tree has been pre-pended with the word “Formerly” and a new entry has been made with the correct number. His parentage has been corrected and he has been reunited as the 5th child of Seth Babb, Jr. & Annie Stonecipher of Greene County, TN. William’s new tree number is 1-2-2-1-4-6-5 and he was no doubt born in the 1787 Seth Babb Homestead as he is buried in the adjacent field.

It is probably not a coincident that both Jean and I made errors on this same person, which I’d like to say makes him a 1% of a 1%.

Why is this change so significant? William is the only child of that marriage to have born children and he had 13 of them! with roughly 50 heirs this is a big change. I’ve updated the master tree and as a new edition of Volume 2: The Tale of Thomas is published, this change will be included. In the meantime, follow the link to see the corrected descendant report for William Carter Babb (1-2-2-1-4-6-5):

Descendants of William Carter Babb



Book Announcements: Volumes 2-6 Now Available in Print

What’s that? You can’t get enough of Phillip Babb? I had originally intended that Volume 2 could be for Phillip’s Descendants. But as I came to realize that it would be over 1100 pages, I decided to break it down into 4 volumes, one for each of Phillip’s children who bore heirs. They had plenty of heirs! There are almost 7000 people listed in these 4 volumes.

Additionally, I’ve released Volume 6, on Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT. Many will note that I was working on this volume first in order to get my rhythm down, before tackling the larger Babb Brother volumes. The books are available now via the links below and within a few days will also be available via Amazon.com. Just search on my full name and you will find the entire series.

So, without further delay, let me introduce you to the family:


Volume 2: The Tale of Thomas (1-2)

Get to know Thomas Babb, The 2nd Son of Phillip babb of the Isles of Shoals, in this painstakingly detailed view of his life and descendants. His famous descendants include: Seth Babb, who built the 1787 Homestead in Greeneville, TN that is featured on the front cover. This is one of the oldest Babb Artifacts in the US and one of the oldest structures in TN. Theodore Adolphus “Dot” Babb, who was abducted by Comanche Indians in Texas and later became their spokesman. William M. “Cherokee Bill” Babb, who was indicted for Murder. The infamous David E. W. Babb, who abandoned all he knew in search of love. Cover Photo: Bob Babb of Pennsylvania

Paperback: 474 pages  ISBN-10: 1514177021  ISBN-13: 978-1514177020
Purchase: https://www.createspace.com/5535784 

untitledVolume 3: Finding Philip (1-3)

Get to know this 3rd Son of Phillip of the Isles of Shoals in painstaking detail as we move down through the 350 years of his descendant tree. Starting with his humble begining on the Isles of Shoals, His conviction for Fornication with the woman who would later become his wife and his untimely death in his mid-30s. His father could not Read or Write and for some reason, either intentionally or not, their names are spelt differently. So he is often referred to as Philip with one “L”.

Paperback: 96 pages  ISBN-10: 1514207311  ISBN-13: 978-1514207314
Purchase: https://www.createspace.com/5540554

untitledVolume 4: Seeking Sampson (1-4)

Get to know this 4th Son of Phillip of the Isles of Shoals in painstaking detail as we move down through the 350 years of his descendant tree. Starting with his humble beginning on the Isles of Shoals, through his seven decades of life, three wives and 10 children. Over 1200 descendants are covered in this volume. Living his entire life in the Portsmouth & New Castle, NH area he left very deep roots, many of which remain to this day.

Paperback: 200 pages  ISBN-10: 1514210789  ISBN-13: 978-1514210789
Purchase: https://www.createspace.com/5541039


41v6LUzuykL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Volume 5: The Provenance of Peter (1-5)

Get to know this 5th Son of Phillip of the Isles of Shoals in painstaking detail as we move down through the 350 years of his descendant tree. Starting with his humble begining on the Isles of Shoals, This work includes almost 1600 descendants of Peter and takes special timeout to include the expansive Diaries of James Babb of Epsom, NH. The Series is called “Unabridged” for a reason. Also read about Cyrus Cates Babb the founder of Babb, Montana. The town we have all wondered about.

Paperback: 404 pages  ISBN-10: 1514215098  ISBN-13: 978-1514215098
Purchase: https://www.createspace.com/5541607

untitledVolume 6: Breaking Down Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT (2)

We don’t know exactly where Benjamin Babb came from, but he appeared in Middletown, CT sometime prior to his marriage to Sarah Blake in 1746. There are a number of theories about where he came from. In this book we will discuss those options and cover his descendants in detail. There likely isn’t a paper trail that will prove Benjamin’s ancestry, so we seek to solve the puzzle through Y-DNA testing.

To keep the prices low, the interior is Black and White only on these volumes and they are printed with a minimal amount of graphics, unlike Volume 1.

Note that for the first time, you will see the former slaves still living in the households of their former masters. There are a total of 70 Black Babb’s listed in the 1870 Census. Some appear to be family units, while others do not. I struggled with how to present their information in a respectful way that still didn’t disconnect them from their past.  It is quite possible that In the end I opted to show them as an additional family that maintains the linkage. Only DNA tests would yield a yes or no answer as to whether these people were descendants of their former masters or not and I didn’t want to destroy the information that would allow someone to make this connection.

There is still more to come! Much more!

Looking for Descendants of Lester Angelo Babb (2-1-8-2-10)

Are there any readers who are descendants of Lester Angelo Babb? After a thorough search of the descendants of Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT, it appears that Lester’s descendants may be the only people alive who can help us determine where Benjamin comes from. Most of Benjamin’s descendants who were fruitful and multiplied were females. But this one branch appears to have come all the way to modern day. Here is some detail on Lester to jog your memories.

Lester Angelo Babb was born 23 Sep 1872 in Otis, Berkshire, MA. He married Helen M. Waite in 1896.

They had 3 children:

Charles W. Babb (b. 1897)
Harry Richard Babb (b. 06 Apr 1899 in Blanford, Hampden, MA
Elliot Earl Babb (b. 1917 in Springfield, Hampden, MA

I’m looking for a living male descendant who still bears the Babb surname to conduct a DNA test. The BFA will pay for the test from an appropriate candidate.

Thanks for your help!