Babb Family Association: News & Notes 10-2

Follow the link below to view the latest installment of the Babb Family Association Newsletter, the News & Notes Vol 10, Issue 2. In it you will find information about the upcoming Reunion planned for June 22nd -24th, 2012 in Greeneville, TN and lots of info about the rebirth of Seth Babb’s Homestead. We are working to complete the final round of fund-raising to finish the job and are just $3,706 away from our goal. Any donation, large or small is welcome! It isn’t too late to get your pledge in for the 2011 tax year. Just reply to me by Midnight tomorrow with the amount of the check you will send and we will recognize the donation for 2011. The printed version of the newsletter will follow soon, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this out. Happy New Years!

Repost: Originally posted on Dec 30, 11

2 thoughts on “Babb Family Association: News & Notes 10-2

  1. Hi there, my name is susan greenwood but my maiden name is babb. My family have lived in cornwall for a couple of hundred years at least. I am very interested in the American side of my family as we emigrated to many places there including the iron river and also had a slave plantation in the south. Another wave of family went over during the california gold rush. . I think the connection with America was severed about 45 years ago with the death of the last family member we had contact with. I’m curious about my family tree in America as we have family in South Africa and Australia that we have contact with . Yours sincerely s. Greenwood


    • Susan,
      Thanks for the inquiry. I get behind on these things, but am working currently to outline the Babb families of England and your Cornwall lineage would come in handy. Most of the Babb’s in the US are from England. Send me your email and we can talk this over offline.

      Thanks for the interest!


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