Will the Real Thomas Babb please stand up?

OK, this is by far the biggest discovery I’ve made. Previously historians have only guessed at the date of birth for Thomas Babb (1-2). But I found a record in the Essex County Quarterly Courts (Essex Co., MA) from 1684 where Thomas was deposed and gave his age as 28. The exact date of the proceedings isn’t mentioned nor is his exact date of birth. But the fact that he gave his age is a real find. However, it just muddies the water. here is the Source Doc: http://etext.lib.vir­ginia.edu/salem/witch­craft/Essex/vol9/imag­es/essex349.html

Now what does this mean. It means that he would have been born around 1656. He would have been 15 when his father died and 19 at the time of his Indenture to Henry Green. The problem with that is, that he was allegedly indentured until his 18th birthday. I don’t have that indenture records to check that so I will have to try to locate it. Yet another of History’s Mysteries.

But perhaps it means something entirely different. Take a look at this record of Thomas Babb dated October 27, 1636 where a Thomas Babb Equire takes on several cases in the Salem courts. Now I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this record either but what it does is establish that there is a possible brother of our Phillip in America. This early he could even be the Father of Phillip. Keep in mind this predates any record of Phillip by almost 20 years. Source Doc: http://etext.lib.vir­ginia.edu/salem/witch­craft/Essex/vol1/imag­es/essex004.html

So, it is at all possible that the Thomas of 1684 is the son or grandson of the Thomas esquire from 1636. I’m assuming this is the same Thomas mentioned in the Boat record from about the same time. If so, it could through our whole search into a new light. Unfortunately, I’m heading off to a birthday party for a friend so this mystery will have to wait for another day.


Repost: Originally posted on May 1, 10

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