The connection between Joseph Hall & Peter Babb (1-5)

Joseph Hall of Greenland, NH lived in a new home on his father’s farm. His wife was ‘Elizabeth Smith who came from England upon the desire of her uncle, the original Mar. Richard Waldron of Dover,’ (Brewster’s Rambles ii. 66). He was taxed in Portsmouth in 1673 as a member of No. Church, which was founded in 1671. Peter Babb (1-5) was born 20 Sep 1671 after the death of his father and was an orphan by the age of 3. In 1676 he took Peter Babb an apprentice, having already kept him two years. His indenture was to last until 1692, but his master died in 1685 when Peter was only 14 years old. It is unclear to me wether this would have released him from his bonds or if it would have been transfered to his estate. In either case Peter is not listed in Joseph’s estate. Joseph died from smallpox on 19 dec 1685; administration was granted to his widow Elizabeth, her bond 30 Dec. She married 2nd 7 Aug 1687 Thomas Packer, Esquire, of Portsmouth, and died at Greenland 14 Aug 1717, age 62. In 1696 Peter Babb leased the farm and lived there a year. The final division came in 1743 in three equal parts to two daughters and heirs of another. Joseph’s children: Elizabeth, born ca 1675-6, m. in Portsmouth 24 Jan 1694-5 Joshua Pierce; died 13 Jan 1717-7 age 42 (Pr. of Gr.). Sarah, married 1st Clement Jackson, 2nd Joseph Hubbard. An daughter of unknown name married Joshua Haines. By 1702 Peter had married Sarah Cate and they had 7 children. they made Greenland their home and lived there until Peter’s death circa 1714. Source: Most from the Genealogical Dictionary of New England and NH State Papers Vol. 31, Page 125 & Vol. 40, 328-329. Other News: Happy Day! I finally got through the NH State Papers and will start on the papers I collected on my trip this weekend.

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